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Second Life freebie – MENstuff hunt gift – Jack!

Jack skin and shape. Includes #TMP head and body, SLINK hands and feet – free hunt gift for MENstuff hunt in Second Life

MENstuff hunt has started! Deluxe Body Factory’s hunt gift is Jack skin and shape with The Mesh Project head AND body installers, SLINK hands and feet. The best part, it is free! This is an exclusive freebie skin pack only available for MENstuff hunt 2015. Don’t miss out on this bargain, tell your friends! Teleport: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Village/171/85/1142

Hunt hint: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine …” Rememer to check out MENstuff blog page as well for more bargains: http://menstuff.stuff-sl.com/

Are you interested in more male skin installers for The Mesh Project with several facial hair options and 3 different skin tones? Check out Peter skin or Asian male Daichi skin, previously released.

Happy hunting!

Afro-american skin line Shawna

Afro-american skin line Shawna is released! A totally new skin line with lots of options for make-up and appliers, even #TheMeshProject mesh head installers and SLINK Visage appliers! Read on to see all the goodies available for you.

Shawna skin and shape pack

Shawna skin and shape for regular avatars

Pictured above is Shawna skin and shape pack for regular avatars. This pack includes make-up on tattoo layers, a browless skin option, Maitreya, #TheMeshProject, SLINK, Baby Bump, Kitties Lair and Lola appliers. Shop online at Second Life Marketplace (Chestnut skin tone, Ebony skin tone).


  • Skin with subtle breasts or cleavage boost, with OR without eyebrows (4 skins per skin tone)
  • Makeup on tattoo layer, you can mix and match between 10 lipsticks, 4 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner
  • Black brows on tattoo layer for the browless skin
  • Modifiable shape, copy, keep the original and create new looks
  • Modifiable brow shaper, change your face appearance
  • Alpha layer to hide the system lashes
  • Appliers for:
    • Maitreya mesh body Lara
    • TheMeshProject mesh body
    • SLINK Physique mesh body
    • Kitties Lair mesh body Lena
    • Lola Tango/Delicq
    • AMD Baby Bump

Below is a teaser of the different mesh bodies with Shawna skin appliers on. From the left to the right: SLINK Physique, Maitreya Lara, #TheMeshProject. Please note, appliers for Lena mesh body from Kitties Lair are also included.

From the left: SLINK Physique, Maitreya Lara, #TMP


Shawna SLINK Visage and Physique pack

Shawna skin on SLINK Visage mesh head and Physique mesh body

This pack is for SLINK lovers! Pictured above is Shawna skin on SLINK Visage mesh head Emma with Physique mesh body appliers. Two skin tones available with a make-up HUD for Visage. Lots of options, mix and match or wear the natural face option. Shop online on Second Life Marketplace (Chestnut skin tone, Ebony skin tone)!

* Visage mesh head HUD, mix and match between 10 lipsticks, 4 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner or natural face option
* Physique mesh body HUD, includes body, hands and feet applier with one click

#TheMeshProject head and body installers

Shawna skin on #TheMeshProject mesh head and mesh body

#TheMeshProject mesh head and mesh body installers! Personally I just love #TMP mesh heads, they really show all the details of a skin. Especially for Shawna, all details I worked to add to the new skin shows. From the rich lips to the thin layer of freckles on the nose.
Shop online on Second Life Marketplace (Chestnut skin tone, Ebony skin tone).


  • TMP mesh head installer – separate layers, mix and match
    • Face skin installer, browless
    • Brow installer, black brows
    • Eyeshadow installer with separate eyeliner (4 shadows, 1 eyeliner)
    • 10 lipsticks
  • TMP mesh body installer, includes body, hands and feet

Make-up options

Last but not least, a highlight of all make-ups to choose from, included in each pack displayed above! The regular skin and shape pack has tattoo layers and as with both the SLINK Visage HUD and #TheMeshProject head installers, you can easily mix and match all options since they are separate. Choose amongst 10 lipsticks, 4 eyeshadows, 1 black eyeliner to combine with the natural face option.

Make-up options – mix and match!

More make-up packs are in the works as well, check back to see when they are available! Requests are gratefully accepted, keep them coming. What make-up would you like more, special colors, styles, gloss, more brows?

Leave your requests as comments or drop me a note card inworld Second Life.

Room69 Winter Fair make-up for 69L



Room69 Winter Fair will open 1st December and last until 20th December. Deluxe Body Factory offers Winter themed make-up installers for Poppy skin. Wear them with your TheMeshProjects head or use tattoo layers for regular avatars, only 69L!


Installers for #TMP, TheMeshProject, mesh head. Mix and match with other make-up options!
– 1 eyeshadow installer
– 2 lipstick installers

Tattoo layers for regular avatars, several options to mix and match!
– 1 eyeshadow
– 2 lipsticks
– 2 combined makeups, eyeshadow with each lipstick on a single tattoo layer

More information about Poppy skin can be found here: Poppy skin, Poppy TMP mesh head installers, Poppy TMP mesh body installers

Also, a special Christmas gift is available at Room69! For only 1L, grab this smaragd green eyeshadow with eyeliner! Includes eyeshadow installers for #TMP mesh head plus tattoo layer for regular avatars!


Grab these bargains now before they are gone! Teleport in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreal%20Pink/49/131/3500/

Last, remember to check out Room69’s blog for more information about the event: http://room69sl.blogspot.com/

TheMeshProject installer Afro-american skin Takira


TheMeshProject installer for the Afro-american skin Takira.Now available by popular demand! Check out this beautiful Ethnic skin in its full beauty with TheMeshProject installer.

Available both at the Second Life Marketplace as well as in-world Second Life.

Matching skin and modifiable shape is available here. A fat-pack with lots of make-up options. Two skin tones (cocoa and ebony) plus two cleavage options. Check out the previous post about Takira skin and shape too. Details about the SLINK Physique applier for Takira skin can be found here.

Visit us in-world Second Life to see the full range of products to beautify your avatar!


TheMeshProject body installer, Asian skin Masami



TheMeshProject body installer for their mesh figure, matching all Asian Masami skin tones from Deluxe Body Factory!

TheMeshProject body installer HUD
3 skin tones (milk, cream and fudge)

Available both at the Second Life Marketplace or in-world Second Life:
MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TheMeshProject-skin-installer-for-mesh-body-all-Masami-skin-tones-included/6467913
IW: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Village/171/85/1114

Note! TheMeshProjects body is not included!

The female Asian skin Masami comes in a huge fat-pack with lots of make-up options plus a realisically petite and skinny shape which you can modify to your needs. Check out previous post here or go directly to the Second Life Marketplace listing for Masami skin and modifiable shape (milk, cream or fudge). These skin tones perfectly matches the newly released installer for TheMeshProject body.

Remember to enable adult to see these items.

Visit Deluxe Body Factory in-world Second Life to see the whole range of high quality skins to beautify your avatar!